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Terms of Service

Customer Agreement:

Please read the terms and conditions of our customer agreement very carefully prior to use Joy Holiday as your tour operator, to ensure you fully understand the rights and responsibilities between both parties, Joy Holiday assumes that you have fully understood and consent to every term of this agreement upon your usage.

Before purchasing any travel product from Joy Holiday, you have a responsibility to read all information associated with this product, including but not limited to: product price, detailed itinerary, departure locations, tour fare exclusion, cancellation and refund policy and further information related to the product. Once your purchase is successful, Joy Holiday assumes that you have read, fully understand and consent to all information associated with the product which you have chosen.

Joy Holiday highly recommends that all passengers evaluate your health conditions and consult with your doctor before deciding your travel plans. To ensure the smooth operation while passengers join the tour, Joy Holiday advises all passengers be in good health conditions. If you need any special care physically or mentally in health, you are responsible for disclosing any related information to us when ordering. If any passenger needs medical services or urgent care during the tour, and need to dismiss the tour for personal reasons, Joy Holiday will not provide any refunds nor reimbursements of personal travel expenses, and undertake any responsibilities caused by passenger's personal issues. All passengers are liable for any risks, incidences and consequences incurred while joining the Joy Holiday's tour.

To protect the interests and safety of our travel group, Joy Holiday's tour leader reserves the right to make appropriate changes on the tour itinerary according to the inclement weather , traffic and emergency happening during the tour. If passengers have any questions regarding the tour operation, please call 1-888-589-1199. Joy Holiday reserve the right to cancel anyone's eligibility to continue to participate in the trip whom are trying to obstruct or hinder the normal operation of Joy Holiday's travel products, this decision will be final, and Joy Holiday will not responsible for any resultant loss.

All Joy Holiday's coach buses have been certified by Federal Department of transportation, California PUC, and provide $5,000,000 Commercial Auto Insurances. This Commercial Auto Insurances only covers "Any incidents happened inside running buses.". In order to protect your rights and interests, Joy Holiday strongly recommends that you acquire travel insurance covering medical, trip cancellation, flights delays, baggage loss, personal accidents, etc.


Joy Holiday reserves the right to make changes and updates to any information contained with this site without prior notice. Joy Holiday reserves this customer agreement as final, and also reserves the right to stop our service to anyone.