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Passenger Briefing

Please read the following information. It lists frequently asked questions and answers for you to prepare for your trips. Your well preparation will make your trip comfortable and interesting.

Travel preparation

Before your trips to China, all passengers who take planes should read terms from United States Department of Transportation. Please follow the rules and regulations to prevent from unnecessary troubles.

Recommend you bring two copies of your passport separately just in case. Keep a copy of your itinerary and contact information for your family or friends for emergency.

Passports and VISAs

All foreigners are required valid China VISAs. You should make sure that you have at least 6 months left on your passports and VISAs prior to their expiration date. Please carefully review the directions on the VISAs for your better trip.

Time difference

China abolished the five time zones system and established one single time zone called Beijing Time, which is eight hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time; 16 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time (PST); 15 hours ahead of PST during Daylight Saving Time. In the country’s west, particularly Tibet and Xinjiang, residents rise two hours earlier than they naturally would to be in synch with the east. You should always set your watches to reflect actual conditions.

Electricity in China

The electricity in China is generally 220V, 50HZ. As the shape of a socket varies between cities, a portable plug adaptor and a transformer are necessary. Basically, hotels provide adaptors, transformers, hair dryers, and electric irons. You can borrow from hotel front desk if you need any of those.

Internet and fax

Basically, hotels provide computers with Internet access so that customers can at least check their emails. Some hotels even provide network printers or fax machine for guests to use.

Postal services

Generally, hotels provide postal services so that you can send postcards or letters internationally. Basically, it needs 10 days to deliver from China to North America. Yuan(RMB) is the only currency accepted in Mainland China. Postages are varies. For postcards, the surface rate is about 0.50 USD. For letters, the surface rate is about 0.80 USD, and weight step is up to 20g.


There are all kinds and sorts of newspapers and magazines, and China Daily is well-received newspaper among those. Most of hotels provide China Daily, Times, Newsweek, and Economic Daily News for guests to read. Television channels like BBC, CNN, and HBO are watchable of most tourist hotels.

Laundry services

Most of hotels provide laundry services for guests at a reasonable price.

Travel insurance

Strongly recommend you to purchase travel insurance to prevent from risks or unexpected situations. For more information, please visit our travel insurance webpage.


There is hardly clothing taboos in China. Sandals, skirts, jeans are all accepted, and you can wear as comfortable as your convenience. Just remind you that you should change your clothing according to the weather. For example, casual clothing is good enough for Yangzi river tour.


In China, a vast land spanning causes climate varies radically. Generally, northern areas are cold and dry, and southern areas are hot and rainy. Rain season occurs in July and August. Hong Kong and Taiwan belong to Tropical Zone. For more information about climate of China, please click here.